Approaching a “We Buy Houses” Company to Sell Your Home

It’s never easy trying to sell a home.  It’s even more difficult when it’s the home of a deceased loved one.  There are so many options, so many questions, and so much you just don’t know about.  That’s why we sat down with Chance Housos of These Guys Buy, a we buy houses company located in Dallas, Texas.  Chance will talk to us about how it works with his company.

The average person believes that the only way to sell your home is through a realtor or agent.  Chances are, it’s not their fault.  After all, to purchase their home, they likely went through an agent just the same.  Why would you think anything else, then?

Let’s be clear – there is nothing wrong with selling your home with an agent.  It’s just not for everyone.  Especially if the homeowner is looking to offload the house as quickly as possible.  That’s where These Guys Buy comes in.

We are a “we buy houses” company.  Essentially, we buy your house for cash.  We handle all the paperwork.  All you have to do is allow us to inspect the house and then agree to or reject our offer.  That’s the nuts and bolts of it.

It goes without saying, but you do need to perform your due diligence.  There are many “companies” out there that are out to prey on the unsuspecting.  You need to call around, check with the Better Business Bureau, check with your local city records to make sure the company exists.  Meet with the buyer.  Get to know him or her.  Like any other major decision, you want to make sure you are doing everything correctly and by the book.

When it comes to the process, as mentioned before, it’s all pretty simple.

  1. Give us a call. Let us know the details – when you need to sell by, what you’re looking to get for the home, etc.
  2. Schedule an appointment so we can walk the house. We’ll happily work around your schedule, so make sure to schedule when you know you’ll have some free time.
  3. Be there for our walk-through. We just need to get inside and look around.  Be our tour guide if you can.
  4. Wait for our proposal. Typically, we like to get back to you within a few days at most.  Sometimes, it’ll be as quick as 24 hours.  Sometimes it may take a week.  It all depends on what we saw and what our research turns up.  Just like you, we want to perform our due diligence on the property.
  5. Once we make an offer, you just need to accept or decline. There is no pressure from our end.  We want to make sure you’re happy with the offer, but it also has to work for us.
  6. If you accept, we draw up the paperwork and schedule another appointment with you to get everything signed.
  7. The best part. Get paid!

This can all be done within a few days.  If you want to sell the house, but you need to stay on site for a period of time, let us know.  We are more than happy to work with you.

Keep in mind, though, that the offer we make will often not be top dollar.  We will try to pay you as much as we can, but we do need to be able to handle any and all repairs as well as make sure there is room for us to make a profit when we sell your home to another buyer.

The offset to that is that you don’t have to make those repairs.  You don’t have to go through the ordeal of the sales process.  You don’t have to make sure your home is perfectly neat and tidy for months on end.  You don’t have to worry about strangers parading through your home.  All you have to worry about is the offer and whatever else is going on in your life.